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🚧Плача кнігаўка

Міхась Башлакоў
Міхась Башлакоў на
Ведах беларускіх


Плача кнігаўка ў росных лугах, ПросІць піць яна, піць, піць… А да сэрца такая туга Падступае: жыць ці не жыць?..

Гэты край, гэты край я любіў! Гэты край, гэты край я люблю! Дык няўжо я сябе разгубіў, Што стамлёна гляджу на зямлю?

Following the twilight In the dark heavens


Over the whitish fog It was crying anxiously. And at night its crying Became weak and melted. Was it wounded? Maybe The birg was calling to me. I watched the crane flying, Butlcouldnot help it…

In the sky the full moon

Sailed — it was big. It was bright — Lighting up evening fields, Lighting up the road.

And this autumn grey bird Vanished in the twilight, Vanished forever over The water — meadow.

Translated by Tatyana Aku__she__vich.

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