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Максім Багдановіч
Максім Багдановіч на
Ведах беларускіх

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From native home, from native village To the lord’s court, for beauty’s sake, Luckless girls taken from their village, Girdles of gold to weave and make Long hours of toiling they endeavour, Forgetful of their girlish dreams, Labour at the broad weaving ever, Where the Persian pattern gleams. Outside the walls, the smiling tillage, The blue sky gleams beyond the pane, And thoughts go wandering, willy-nilly, There where the spring’s flower again, There by the rye, in the bright distance, The cornflowers shine with azure still, And waves of chilly silver glisten Where rivers gush between the hills; Edge of an oak-wood, dark in verdure… And hands, forgetful at the loom, Neglecting the designs of Persia, Weave in the native cornflower bloom.

Translated by Vera Rich__.

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