Collection of poetry “Belarusan Lyric poetry”

Янка Купала: But who marches there?, Alesia, To byelorussian partisans, Young Bielarus, I’m not for you

Якуб Колас: To Byelorussians, O spring, The voice of the land, Do not beg, and don’t expect, Native pictures, Three wishes

Максім Багдановіч: 🚧From in the village, 🚧In winter, 🚧The Chronicler, 🚧Above the white down of the cherries, 🚧Romance, 🚧Rondeau, 🚧Sonnet, 🚧Slutsk weavers, 🚧Triolet, 🚧Triolet, 🚧Emigrants’ song, 🚧I should like to meet with you on the highway, 🚧When Basil died, far on the march

Zmitrok Biadulia: 🚧A winter tale, 🚧At the dawn of spring, 🚧In the night fields they sing

Ales Garun: 🚧Autumn song, 🚧Spring, 🚧Snowstorm, 🚧Mother’s gift, 🚧Song-bell, 🚧Sultry weather

Janka Luchina: 🚧To our native land, 🚧What Janka thought carting wood to the town

Уладзімір Дубоўка: 🚧O Bielarus, my briar-rose cherished.

Уладзімір Караткевіч: 🚧Byelorussian song, 🚧Sunrise

Пятрусь Броўка: 🚧Bielarus, 🚧Autumn, 🚧The book of spring, 🚧Nadzia-Nadziejka, 🚧The beginning, 🚧My native song, 🚧Dawn choir

Рыгор Барадулін: 🚧Eternity, 🚧The stones of Brest fortress

Аркадзь Куляшоў: 🚧Elegy, 🚧I owe my mother all — my name at table

Пімен Панчанка: 🚧The white apple-trees, 🚧The flame everlasting, 🚧My country, 🚧Grey clouds swept o’er the forest speedily

Максім Танк: 🚧Ave Maria, 🚧Pines above lake Naroch, 🚧Happiness

Pyatro Glebka: 🚧Of what do the nightingales sing?, 🚧Lights

Syargeigrakhouski: 🚧The Oak Leaf, 🚧It grows dark in autumn quickly, 🚧Aching heart, 🚧Could live without you

Anatol Grachanikau: 🚧It is still not yet night

Kastus Kireyenka: 🚧After the storm, 🚧The morning goes forth!

Mikola Arochka: 🚧Somewhere on the river Nile’s green delta

Anatol Astreika: 🚧Blessing, 🚧Autumn goes, 🚧My tent, 🚧Nioman

Alyes Bachila: 🚧To a girl

Kanstantsia Builo: 🚧I love our land

Yaudakia Los: 🚧Our forefathers, 🚧In our small town

Nina Matsyash: 🚧I thought that it was spring alone I loved, 🚧How long it is the storks have not appeared

Яўгенія Янішчыц: 🚧Seek me out

Alyaksei Rusetski: 🚧Skylark, 🚧April, 🚧Zone of silence

Valyantsin Tau Lai: 🚧Comrade of my spring

Alyakseizarytski: 🚧The girl and the smith, 🚧If i only knew

Анатоль Вялюгін: 🚧Evening, 🚧The ripe forest

Васіль Вітка: 🚧Heathers, 🚧At home

Mihas Bashlakov: 🚧Wandering, 🚧Alone in the heavens, 🚧Irretrievable, 🚧A lapwing is crying, 🚧As in summer

Leanid Dran'ko-Maysuk: 🚧I don’t believe he’s better than I am

Arthur Volsky: 🚧Stones

Mikola Shabovich: 🚧Until it’s late, 🚧Heartquake

Navum Galpyarovich: 🚧I trust a rhymed-line, like the dearest friend, 🚧I am a pupil. Birds write down for me

Tatsiana Sivets: 🚧It’s off my beat! I can’t go water face, 🚧«Tomorrow» — is a palace and a cell