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Максім Танк
Максім Танк на
Ведах беларускіх

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Human happiness, one with another,

As simple as ours together,

Consists of the salt of service,

Of bread brought in at the harvest,

Of sweat, of road’s dusty herdship,

Of loyal and deathless friendship,

Of our native land’s horizon,

Of our songs… And thus I reason:

If one part were changed, one token, Would not happiness be broken?

Translated by Walter May.

I ^саггУ LheH ІрХ ІНІ

logular агп*

-riinhanc ley castasit ^lightning W ragged c

Wwerelevi ^idknow ^gthous ^*ereleve “^ЧапсІ ‘^knowt

You with your dear one, warmed by loving, Never would part till the dawn was coming, In you would flourish a mother’s power, You with your child in the sun would flower… Oh, how such breasts would suckle its tears! Ave Maria!

Maybe the mortal prayer I prattle Might be of aid to me in mty battle. But alas! — they are calling and crying…

She has gone after them, deeply sighing, Down the dark vaults to disappear…

Ave Maria!

Translated by Walter May__.

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