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🚧Ave Maria

Максім Танк
Максім Танк на
Ведах беларускіх

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Ringing cathedral bells call to the Ave.

Left and right, through each narrow pathway, Thread, in their habits mourntul, funeral, Flocks of sad nuns — like spirits ethereal. Old ones and young ones, all are here.

Ave Maria!

Maybe I wouldn’t have lingered untimely, Had I not noticed among them a comely, Slender young nun, whose age, I desided, Scarcely seventeen summers exceeded… Dark eyebrows arching, eyes brown and clear. Ave Maria!

Even beneath her dark vestments oppressive One could divine a form unsubmissive, Feet, which at carnival-time could go flying, All would be charmed with them, no denying, Fingers so slender, breasts firm and fair.

Ave Maria!

Up at the cross she gazed with deyotion.

1 need to plead with those brows my salvation! Really poor sister, can you not see clearly, You waste your youth, and you pay too dearly? Oh, how much legs would go dancing bare! Ave Maria!

^bibiging their potions you have been poisoned, Rosaries round your hands they have fastened. Fear not, break clear, to none beholden!

Ending corn in the field grows golden. Oh, how such hsnds would reap those ears! Ave Maria!



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