Forth » па-беларуску

But who marches there?

Янка Купала
Янка Купала на
Ведах беларускіх

Translated by Walter May

But who marches there, but who marches there
In such an enormous horde of despair?
 — Byelorussians.

But what do they bear on their scraggy backs,
With bleeding hands, and with feet shod in bast?
 — Their injustice.

But where do they bear their injustice to,
But where do they bear it in open view?
 — To all people.

But what, then, taught these, many million strong,
To rouse up from sleep, and bear forth their wrong?
 — Need and sorrow.

But what then, but what had these paupers in mind,
Suppressed through the centuries, deaf and blind?
 — To be called humans.

Forth » па-беларуску

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