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Ales Garun
Ales Garun на
Ведах беларускіх

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Ah, the spring, the spring! When it came hastening, Brightness it did bring, Warmth so comforting. In the dikes it poured Snowy water free, In the meads it flowered, Unplaited orchard trees. Woods awoke anew To the springtime sound, And a grief profound Pierced my soul right through.

Now the first geese have already flown over, They fell on the river, the hill they did cover;

A long time they squawked, held a council undoubted, Came to agreement, after much shouting;

Over the pines and the firs they soared high, Then vanished somewhere in the church of the sky.

If I had wings, if wings had I, And gift of goose-flight, freely I would disappear on high, And who of men would see me! Time and again, I d cleave the blue, With my wings skyward striving… 0 geese, o geese, I come to you, In your wake I am flying!

Where have you been? What has passed there? Where did you dwell? In the marshes?

On river bank? By cottage, rather?

Or near the house of my dear father? My dear mother, my dear brother, Did you maybe chance to see them?

Sister nearest? And my dearest, My own fair one,

Did you maybe chance to see her?

Now preparing

Is my sister for her bridal?

No? My sweet witch, what betides her?

Is mist present? Is it bright there? Lovely? Pleasant? Geese? Delight there?

Translated by Vera Rich__.

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