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🚧Sultry weather

Ales Garun
Ales Garun на
Ведах беларускіх

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No breath of air, Cloud everywhere, It struck! A flare! Elijah’s there…

Lightning at once appeared on high, It clinked and rolled down from the sky, And the rains came to wash the dry Earth that did scorching lie.

Drops in swift concordant showers Give drink to all that wish to drink: Grainfields, trees and grass and flowers; Wishing to flood streets to the brink, Beat on rooftops, wash the windows, Wash houses, drench gardens again; Fish have food now in the river… In close weather, who hates rain?

It’s abating,

It is waning, It’s all fading.

— Rest!

And the sun showed forth again, As if fresh from a bath again;

Smiles with pleasantnesses, Shines and irridesces, Bright reflections presses On the grass, on the leaf so green, In the ditch, on the little stream, In the street, in the orchard gleams. And the earth breathes deeply, panting With every one of its enchanting, Happy, happy breasts.

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