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🚧If i only knew

Alyakseizarytski на
Ведах беларускіх

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Translated by Walter May

199 жж#ж

«Don’t forget, my pretty flower, Take this way again, of course, If you need me, any hour — Anything I’ll forge!» «What! Can you forge happiness? You would be a clever man!» «Well, if you will help, I guess Even that we can!»

Translated by Walter May

There, where the end of all my roads is measured, In endless silence death’s dark gate I see.

And when I once appear upon that threshold, Then there will be no homeward road for me.

I am no coward, and so I strive no longer To put the fatal question on one side. But there are times when I’m afraid to ponder How once across that threshold I must stride.

But if I only knew, and knew for certain, That there, my love, again I’d meet with you, Again should hear your voice’s tuneful burden, Again should feel your gentle breathing too, Then of that threshold I should not be frightened At any time —

Nor in cold darkness bide,

But irretrievably, myself, by love enlightened, Should make that stride.



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