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🚧Autumn goes

Anatol Astreika
Anatol Astreika на
Ведах беларускіх

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Autumn goes: a skewbald mare she rides Cn takes just a glance, and seeks the cloud ports of cranes go sailing ‘cross the skies, 0, resounding cries, prolonged and loud.

Swallows yesterday soared in the height.

Not a single swallow flies today.

How it was they left this land in flight, When it was — there’s not a soul can say.

People say that nobody has seen

When the migrant swallows leave their homes, And that on the dark bed of the stream These swift birds fall suddenly, like stones.

«Sowers» — that’s what starlings here are called; if they’re gathered ready in their host And, like bees, swarm out above the field — Then the days for sowing must not be lost.

I From the shed the harrow then we bring, I Gather up the drill-ploughs’ whole brigade, I And in autumn, for the coming spring, I Howmuch grain we need to sow indeed!

I When the geese go streaming to the south, through the pallid skies in arrowing skein, ^en we harness horses to the ploughs — ^rely, we must get potatoes in.

J’utumri goes. A skewbald mare she rides, rodouds pass, and sun shines warm again.

/collective peasants field-ward stride, each daywork harder, might and main.

Translated by Walter May.

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