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🚧It is still not yet night

Anatol Grachanikau
Anatol Grachanikau на
Ведах беларускіх

Translated by

anatol grachanikau


It is still not yet night

just look how the fish are leaping: There’s a silvery rain on the stream. The tug in the bay bellows steam, Like a bull that’s removed from the herd. Over pastures there slumbers a haze.

It was such a dry, sultry day.

And now is beginning

Dame Nature’s nocturnal feast:

The earth and the sky are merging.

The grasses rise. And the stars. And high thoughts.

And dreams come alive.

The forest appears a black wall, And the moon is a tower.

One wishes to take a look At the day to come.

Let us wash our tiredness away In the spring-fresh Sozha,

And sit on the water-logged oak Which rises out of its depths, And say not a word.


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