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🚧After the storm

Kastus Kireyenka
Kastus Kireyenka на
Ведах беларускіх

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When overhead there roars the stormy thunder, A-screeching o’er the ruins of her nest,

Her eaglets counting, then the eagle mother

Hides those still living underneath her wing,

And screams for those, with hopeless hope despairing, Whose helpless bodies on the rocks winds fling.

Long, long the storm has passed. The skies are clearing, But still she waits: she thinks her sons will come, And gazes far, into the darkness peering:

Perhaps they somewhere found a sheltering home, And sweetly sleep, and mother’s mournful wailing At least disturbs their sleep, and makes them moan.

And only in the morn, on cliffside naked,

The rain dried by the sun with scarce a trace,

She dropped her sorrowing head, so tired and aching,

Then rose again. And in the thunder’s wake She hurled her curses at the flying leightning, Which all the whole wide world had made to shake.

And on the dawn-cold rocks her hot tears crying, She gave her mother’s love to those alive,

That soon their wings with stormclouds might start fighting.




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