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🚧I don’t believe he’s better than I am

Leanid Dran'ko-Maysuk
Leanid Dran'ko-Maysuk на
Ведах беларускіх

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I don’t believe he’s better than I am, And though he is — I don’t believe, however. I only know he is that lucky man, Who changed my love into his own chimera.

The restaurant «Patsdam» will recompose, And I, again, will serve you as an angel, I’ll give you not just bare simple words, But Logoi created by the ancient.

Not only the acropolis of mine Put to thine feet which were kissed by fire, But with the Biblic water, not with vine, I’ll wash your sin as sudden as a flurry;

I’ll kiss away all nights and all days long, Which were filled with outlanders’reigning… And famishing for purity alone, — Each thing of yours I’ll never name betrayal.

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