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🚧Above the white down of the cherries

Максім Багдановіч
Максім Багдановіч на
Ведах беларускіх

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Above the white down of the cherries

De la musique avant toute chos__e P.Verlaine

Above the white down of the cherries,

Like blue, fire, soaring high, Cleaving, weaving pathways, light and Swift — a blue-winged butterfly.

All around the air is trembling

With the sun in golden strings, And almost too quiet for hearing It strums them with trembling wings.

And in waves the song is pouring, Gentle gleaming paean to spring. Is it not my heart that carols? Is it not my heart that sings?

Is it not a bell-voiced zephyr, Whispering in the thin plants, hides?

Or perhaps the tall dry rushes Rustling at the waterside?

Not for us to understand it,

Not discover it, not learn:

The notes flying, quivering, ringing,

Let me not to thinking turn.

Song bursts forth and gushes into

The great world, unfettered, free.

But who is it that will hear it?

The poet alone, maybe.

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