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🚧Pines above lake Naroch

Максім Танк
Максім Танк на
Ведах беларускіх

Translated by


They slowly sway, The crowns of fragrant pines, Their trunks weep resinous tears From bullet wounds.

In brilliant weather, On Naroch’s western shores, They carry the sun across the lake, And help the fishermen Draw their humble nets.

At evening time

They sing with Young Pioneers, And jump the fire.

But in the storm, With twisted, Angular arms, Hand in hand, They cast aside

The lightning stroke, the thunder And ragged clouds.

And were I even deaf, I should know that roar Among thousands of otheir pines, And were I even blind, Embracing and kissing them, I should know them mine.

Translated by Walter May__.


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