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🚧A lapwing is crying

Mihas Bashlakov
Mihas Bashlakov на
Ведах беларускіх

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A lapwing’s crying in dewy teas.

«Give me dew to drink, please, give.. » My heart s tom with sorrow, it bleeds. Should I live? Or should not I five?

This land, this land I liked!

This land, this land I like!

I feet very confused and tired When looking at it, but why?

Over it there is a dark haze, And over it a black kite flies… My soul may haven’t been burnt — The kite’s looking for it with eyes.

Oh, lapwing, why can’t you stop crying? Why don’t you drink dew in morn leas? It’s dark like at night ail around…

Should you construct your nest on these trees?..

But, oh, indeed, why ought we to die, 0 Motherland, my dear side?

The kite always hangs in the sky, And it always takes its sharp sight…

The Sozh laps at my feet, it’s not quiet.

It was blue, every blue, but turned black… My neighbour will sharpen his knife, He’ll plunge it, he’ll never come back…

But there is no one, no one

To prevent him from doing so.

Winter wanders — it’s not very far, Covers fields and rivers with snow…

But till then you may cry, you may cry, Cry, oh, lapwing…

What else should I want?

Neither happiness nor luck are mine, And I can’t change my heavy lot…

A lapwing’s crying in dewy leas…

Translated by Tatyana Akushevich.

Following the twilight In the dark heavens


Over the whitish fog It was crying anxiously. And at night its crying Became weak and melted. Was it wounded? Maybe The birg was calling to me. I watched the crane flying, Butlcouldnot help it…

In the sky the full moon

Sailed — it was big. It was bright — Lighting up evening fields, Lighting up the road.

And this autumn grey bird Vanished in the twilight, Vanished forever over The water — meadow.

Translated by Tatyana Aku__she__vich.

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