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🚧I am a pupil. Birds write down for me

Navum Galpyarovich
Navum Galpyarovich на
Ведах беларускіх

Translated by

I am a pupil. Birds write down for me Forgotten names into the commonplace book.

I know all spells and curses, feel the rain’s look And understand the words of snow and mist.

I am a pupil.Teacher made me learn

By heart the Sun, and rivers, and the volley, And sleet, and drizzle, and the drop with all in, That made the start of water and the corn.

I am a pupil. And I strive to deal

With books of life and parchments of the welkin, The blueness of a knapweed in a ray-field And lips on which there is a centuries’seal.

Translated by Tatsiana Sivets.

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