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Pyatro Glebka
Pyatro Glebka на
Ведах беларускіх

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Our block is enormous to measure —

Four hundred flats or more here, Were live a well-known professor,

A doctor, a fine engineer,

A fitter, a marvelous turner,

A poet, an actor of fame,

And a young unmarried joiner —

My neighbour — who’s earned a good name.

Here live industrious people;

And during the working day, Breathing deep to itself, and peaceful, Silence stands in the bay.

stands, and from windows watches e bustling life in the court, sunshine the playground catches, еге kiddies’ mock battles are fought.

often, among the greenery, Hear the flocks of children at play, A woman stands serenely, And can’t tear her eyes away.

But when all’s a-buzz in the evening, Our gigantic block’s all bright With pink and red and greenish, pale blue and yellow light.

From the topmost floor to the basement It shines… But one place is poor — There is no bright light in one casement, A window upon the third floor.

And sometimes a newcomer queries: «But tell me — who lives there?»

There lives a mother, still grieving. There lives no spring, no pair.

She lives so since that moment Of terrible news from the war, Which she heard in dread and torment — That her son will return no more.

In the near by blocks the neighbours Since then, on endless nights, That window caress with radiance From all their thousand lights

And steadily they are shining, So that spot where grief is still green, In the whole wide world undying Should by all the people be seen.

Translated by Walter May__.



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