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Рыгор Барадулін
Рыгор Барадулін на
Ведах беларускіх

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A brilliant fate for me is foreordained: I shall not know the gloomy vault’s dumb night! With every nerve to eternity stitched tight, I’ll be no silent witness, nor constrained! The cuckoo’s told my years within the wood, The forest of my hair you’ll fleck with snow, Imperiously upon my lofty brow You’ll lay earth’s stubborn lines of latitude. I shall not fear your golden-setting sun. Thought-caravans to the distant stars I’ll send, The eagles brotherly greetings will extend. No fading shade, no echo, I shall run.

The field-flowers of my eyes won’t die away, Once having pierced the graveyard’s cold damp clay.

Translated by Walter May__.

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