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🚧It grows dark in autumn quickly

Syargeigrakhouski на
Ведах беларускіх

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It grows dark in autumn quickly, On the grass the rime clings fast, However you have been living, Make haste, do your work before dark.

The night wind will whine through the linden, Its branches will beat on the wall;

Go press your brow to the window, And seek out one star of all.

But maybe a light in the distance

Will flicker late in the gloom, Where someone is moaning and whimpers On the very edge of doom.

Then haste, though the wind is wailing, Through the marsh and muddy glade, And knock, and bring words of healing, And to human woe bring aid.

Each on earth has his road to cover,

And it’s short, as you know from the start, Therefore do not grudge to another Your goodness of heart.

Translated by Walter May


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