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🚧It’s off my beat! I can’t go water face

Tatsiana Sivets
Tatsiana Sivets на
Ведах беларускіх

Translated by

It’S off my beat!.. I can’t go water face, Don’t know the words the truth enwombs in. Look! I am not the one that wins the race To make your track into the pastures blooming!

Don’t say I lie! I just can’t put a word

About the things that smack more like the bullshit. Some time ago I dreamt to upend World — Today I’d wish that no one knows about it!

No need to seek! Among your windy ticks You’d hardly find the one with vows all vital! Though palms of mine are healed I just feel sick To stay alone with your aforetime idols!

Translated by Tatsiana Sivets.

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