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🚧«Tomorrow» — is a palace and a cell

Tatsiana Sivets
Tatsiana Sivets на
Ведах беларускіх

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«Tomorrow» — is a palace and a cell.

But, go or stay, you can’t beget the morning. Call up my name with hope ■— a perfect spell! And this will make me live today — «syagonnya»!

Don’t be afraid, the fire doesn’t hurt!

But never damn and never ask for pardon!

I’ll purify of sins without a word.

But hurry up! It’s your train to Abaddon!

I’ll sew my life of sough autumnal leaves.

Of dust and dreams I’ll shape my empty bosom, And it will pulse until the meteor lives, And I’ll breathe until it will be loosing.

I’ll fill my pan with sudden pain and spite, Add stinging nettle, bitter roots and stir it. My brew will smell like plenilunar night And taste exactly like the maple syrup.

I’ll drink it all and — all in all — I’ll tear

To stars this day and God-damn nasty evening, Disfigured fingers wouldn’t wipe your tears, I know, my Darling, but I tried…

Believe me!..

Translated by Tatsiana Sivets.

« Back Forth » па-беларуску

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