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Уладзімір Караткевіч
Уладзімір Караткевіч на
Ведах беларускіх

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As in the first days of creation Darkness with chaos mocks. The tide and the mists are falling On the tombstones of gloomy rocks.

You sail mid the waves and you witness How there, on the rim of the night, Over you and the world, on broad pinions, Sail the eagles, bearing the light.

Seeing day’s as yet hidden radiance, Beneath heaven’s wide tent they float, As the gold-red sun, through the pass-way, Like an avalanche, pours down the slope.

Robin Hood’s fellows follow in millions, And take up the fight with the gloom, In their forest-green tattery raiment, With gold spears, which spell its doom.

And above the overwhelmed darkness, As witness of deathless spring, Triumphantly float on the breezes Green tatters, which victory sing.

The lie of nocturnal delirium,

The fear of the moss-grown height, Crawl away, to die in dark caverns, With broken crests, from the fight.



And with drops from his endless rainbow, Reviving dead rocks on the way, Mighty Sol from the sky comes descending, On a sunny golden ray.

The seductive songs of the sirens O’er the sunlit waters sound, And merrily play the dolphins Among merry people around.

And to him, the one and only, My heart as a gift I bring — In this world the single godhead. In this world the single king.

Translated by Walter May__.


ЬЖЖ 94


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