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🚧What Janka thought carting wood to the town

Janka Luchina
Janka Luchina на
Ведах беларускіх

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Now ‘tis Christmas, Yule rejoicing, On the frost the sledges rollick, All the world is glad and joyful, Everywhere is song and frolic; Lads and girls are dancing gaily, Are they drinking just a drappie? In a word — ‘tis holidaying!

Well, old nag, why are you stopping? Why are you …? The going’s heavy? And you’re hungry? Stop you whining! Is it easy for me? Ever

Seen this smock, old, torn, the lining Nothing but fresh air? Now boldly At the frost; no time for flopping, Let’s get home, for stars are shining.

Well, old nag, why are you stopping? Townsfolk are in need of firewood, And for it they will pay plenty;

I’ll sell the wood, and buy some rye then. I’ve piled the load up big and lofty, Since ‘needs-must’ still keeps me hopping, Though it’s wicked out, and frosty.

Well, old nag, why are you stopping?

In the inn ‘tis warm and jolly;

Just one for the road … That’s out now,

For I owe too much to Solly!

I’d get it in the neck, no doubt now!

What a season! O misfortune,

Must you strike me neck and crop now!.. Gee-up nag, the hill’s before us!

May you drop dead if you stop now!

Translated by Vera Rich__.




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