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Ales Garun
Ales Garun на
Ведах беларускіх

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Snowstorm in the night around me Dances; howling, hag-like weeping, In eyes heaping, pouring downy Flakes of snow; it cackles loudly, I go groping, hardly keeping Life, I creep, push feet quite lifeless, Roadless striving. Body seized with Pain is freezing. I perceive a Worthless mile- stone, and pass by it, Rotted quite a cross grown gloomy, Grey and dark and sternly chiding, In no help am I confiding…

Something white towards me looming, Bold and sweeping, overtakes me, Round me makes its way, – grown blue I Am, stone too — in strong grasp takes your Snowstorm swirling,

Pouring, whirling snow, loud laughing, And inn passing whispers murmuring: «Your nights lodging here, unfeeling, ГН snow o’er you, I shall warm you, Soon you’ll lay you down, while saying Thanli, while saying thanks…»The swirling Snowstorm, skirting laughter, murmurs

Let srings thunder and exile now

All pain and wrath, let people smile now;

With them ever, Stranger never, Clear and boldly, With voice golden, Join thou with them, Join with them!

Translated by Vera Rich

In my ear. I hear: the wild one

Now grows quiet. Peaceful, mild the Snowstorm grows. Dies out entirely. Clear and wide the field. Gone, ended, Quiet the friend-wind. I see, surely, A house before me.

Like three stars, three little windows, There beside the highway. Spindles Of smoke to heaven weaving, climbing, Cottage, windows, smoke, all smiling, Call to me, invite and beckon, Give me greeting, bid me welcome.

I hear the voice of kinsfolk, loved ones, And, with all my strength recovered, Am pleased to shout: «Then perish, woe!» And it proclaims its answer so:

— «O’er you, ГII throw A heap of snow».

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