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🚧Zone of silence

Alyaksei Rusetski
Alyaksei Rusetski на
Ведах беларускіх

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The grasses shine with the dew in forest reaches, between the trees flit lovely butterflies;

its evident here that silence and the birches remain not on the earth as utter lies.

The woodland rings with wonderful acoustics, from far away you catch the wild wasps’ hum: shall we not hear transistors from the bushes bark out the stadium’s roar, while we stand dumb? Will not those modern and mechanical horsemen go charging past us straight into the glade — the motor-cyclists and the scooter-sportsmen, leaving behind the stink and noise they’ve made? Here I forget the thunder of the highway, I choose myself this favourite path of mine, into this grove where nature’s mourning quietly, I make my pilgrimage, as to a shrine.

Here I can roam around, or stand and wonder, beneath the tents of aspen and of birch, where down to me from heaven, as I ponder, comes solemn melancholy on the earth.

I am inspired, my soul is radiated like crowns of maple-trees by sunny light, and budding thoughts, like leaves are liberated, and whisper me of all things fine and bright.

Translated by Walter May.

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