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🚧My tent

Anatol Astreika
Anatol Astreika на
Ведах беларускіх

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In the forest under birches,

Hid from foes’ inquisitive eye, In no hut, and in no trenches, Butin greenery tent I lie.

In the earth seven stout poles driven — Round them twigs and reeds I wove.

Like a burial-mound, moss-hidden, Stands my partisan abode.

Palm-sized table in the middle — Five more poles as bed I keep, Spread with fragrant hay a little, So as softer there to sleep.

Everything in proper order:

Where I lie — I make my bed. Ifthere’s rain, my tent ‘gainst water I soon pitch above my head.

Time will leave no war-time traces:

Then on eager footsteps bent

Deep in the woods I’ll seek old places — Find my partisan green tent.

Translated by Walter May__.


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