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🚧The morning goes forth!

Kastus Kireyenka
Kastus Kireyenka на
Ведах беларускіх

Translated by


What’s that? What’s that heard far in the trees? A chorus, maybe, — someone sings?

The wind, now awake, with his gentle breeze Strums on the willows, and tries in the reeds His dulcimer strings.

What’s that? What’s that which shines in the dark? It’s glimmer unfading is seen.

A star is seeking a burnt-out star;

Above the wide Sozha soars stiff and stark

A lighthouse of green.

Where’s that? Where’s that fugitive cuckoo’s song? Do you hear it — Cuck-oo-oo, cuck-oo-oo?

Mother strokes in his cradle her laddie strong, A girl through the night for her lover longs— To him ever true.

What’s that, what’s that which in mead and glade, By path and by river ford,

Translated by Walter May__.

brilliant smile, devilish handsome besides, Though seeming by stealth, yet daringly strides? That’s the morning goes forth!



And wider, and wider, a splashing swell, The morn’s noisy chorus pealed.

There the dawn was washing the distant dell, There the early light in white petals fell, On forest and field.


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