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🚧Could live without you

Syargeigrakhouski на
Ведах беларускіх

Translated by

Could I live without you?

And did not know

That somewhere on earth’s vast expands Beyond the deafforests,

Beyond hundreds of hills, baulks of grass, In no far constellation But hereon our planet, In a green quiet alley Your life you passed.

Could I live without you?

And maybe we might have met never, Haifa year apart

We might have passed by, And diverged as the paths In the fields diverge ever, And would not have known Whose the blame was, nor why.

Maybe it was needed To fall into hell first, To lose near ones, know anguish, Suffer frost, suffer heat, That fierce storms might not fell us, That with you Beneath the Pole Star 1 might meet.

Recognize you,

And at once forget all that has wronged me, To see beams of light sparkle ,n your pupils again, To be born anew,

And believe there’ll come strongly, Succour and happiness, °nefor us twain.

Translated by Vera Rich.


т0 grow

w surrender for ever

T__o your u__n__bribable purity, steadfast and stern. f__o__e mystery of your nature

To discover,

To temper the soul in a flame high, eterne.

Time is flying, is flying. And a snowstorm drifts the brows over, And the years on the forehead Have scored through and through. And I look upon you. Still, today wondering ever, How I lived without you When I lived without you.


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