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🚧How long it is the storks have not appeared

Nina Matsyash
Nina Matsyash на
Ведах беларускіх

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How long it is the storks have not appeared… The ice long since upon the streams has cleared. And long since their white wings, like slender arms, The gulls are stretching over reeds and marsh. The starlings with resounding whistles shake The pollen from hazel catkins in the brake.

Through sunny spots the grass its way has wormed. …How long it is my head has not been turned… How happy are the friendly springtime eyes — But why does not my heart rejoice likewise? The spring has not yet reached it, not yet come. On shores still black and white lies winter numb. Day’s darkness, and the pallor of long night… And still the sun each day shines yet more bright! And yet more keenly ears are strained that way — «Perhaps the storks will fly back home today?..» As if with their appearance woke anew One’s soul.

… As if I were not waiting you…

Translated by Walter May__.

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